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Can Eating At Fast Food Places Be A Healthy Choice for Weight Loss?

Mention fast food and what comes to mind? Greasy burgers, fried chicken, oily fries, sugary drinks and rich desserts wouldn’t surprise at all. But these foods are bad for health, even if we are not trying or have no need to lose weight. They are called junk food for a good reason, so why do we still eat them?

Blame it on modern lifestyle and clever marketing. In the fast-paced world we live in, we hardly make the time to eat proper meals. Many will readily admit doing this: eating a sandwich while driving or getting a quick bite when running late from overtime at work. It seems the fast food guys answered our call for convenience.

Fast Food Meals for Weight Loss

Finding healthy food choices should always be on top of your mind when you are trying to lose weight. Even when you have the help of ThinMist weight loss spray. In cases where you can’t avoid fast food totally, an occasional meal shouldn’t do too much harm to your health and weight loss if you follow certain guidelines.

Here’s what you can do when thinking about a fast food meal:

  • Say no to foods that are deep-fried, pan fried, served in creamy sauces, etc — you get the idea: unhealthy fats and sugars are bad!
  • Go for meals with more veggies and lean cuts of meat that’s grilled or baked. And hold the extra sauces.
  • Forget salad dressings — eat it raw or with virgin olive oil and a touch of lemon.
  • Cut down on spreads, salt, ketchup, bacon bits, sour cream, cheese, etc — try flavoring with pepper, mustard, nuts and seeds.
  • Skip the sodas and instead drink plenty of water.
  • When available, ask for a special order that incorporates the healthier choices above.

Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants: America’s Top 10

So, where can you go to for “healthy” fast food? A Health Magazine survey of fast food restaurants in America ranked the following names in the top 10 places:

Top 10 Fast Food Places in America, 1st to 5th positions

  • 1. Panera Bread
  • 6. Chipotle
  • 2. Jason’s Deli
  • 7. Atlanta Bread
  • 3. Au Bon Pain
  • 8. McDonald’s
  • 4. Noodles and Company
  • 9. Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • 5. Corner Bakery Cafe
  • 10. Taco Del Mar

Top 10 Fast Food Places in America, 6th to 10th positions

To find out what foods qualified as healthy in these places surveyed, click here to read the health.com article.

Note: For the survey, a panel of experts was consulted and they set criteria such as: use of healthy fats and preparations; healthy sodium counts in entrees; availability of nutritional information; and use of organic produce. You can read about it here.

Make A Conscious Choice to Eat Well

Before you go running to any one of these top 10 fast food places, don’t forget that you will need to make a conscious choice to eat healthily. The usual junk food of burgers dripping with fat, salty french fries, deep-fried items, sodas, etc, are always available and ready to tempt you. After all, these are the staples of fast food joints.

For those of us who don’t live in the States, we shouldn’t rest on our laurels and think we are out of harm’s way. Junk food is everywhere, so we need to pay close attention and hunt down similar healthy fast food places in our own locale if we eat out often.

Making a conscious choice to eat well can pay good dividends later on in life. Your body will thank you for feeding it right and keeping it in tip-top condition. And if you are on a weight loss program, eating well can certainly help you transform into a slimmer and healthier person.

Beware Those Takeouts Too

While we are on the topic of fast food, be mindful of those takeouts as well. If you have the habit of eating your meal while watching TV or using the PC, consider turning them off. Instead, pay attention to what you are putting into your mouth — you’d be surprised that unhealthy food lurks everywhere…

To be sure, you should forget those unhealthy TV dinners too. And when you are watching your favorite program, stay away from sodas and chips, please! Munch on unsalted baked nuts and have some fresh fruit juices for a change — and make this a new habit.

Eat Well, Always

Eating should be about enjoyment and nourishment for your body. Be mindful of what you eat, take the time to savor food and avoid eating in a hurry. Mindful eating can help you relax, digest better and feel more satisfied. And when you are about to feel full, stop eating. It can’t get any simpler than this.

If you prefer to prepare your own meals, look at The Diet Solution Program for a wide range of healthy recipes. to learn more…

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