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No-Excuse Workouts: Keep Fit and Trim Easily with Effective Exercise

More people are realizing how exercise can actually help in their weight loss pursuit. The once much-dreaded word is gaining good acceptance as many now see the positive effects of exercise on their body and mind.

While shedding unwanted pounds, taking the opportunity to re-shape the body and keep fat off through exercise can bring about non-tangible benefits: new-found confidence, vibrance and an elevated sense of well being. On top of visible changes in the transformed person — slimmer, fitter and no doubt better-looking.

Even when you know that ThinMist increases metabolism to burn fat, don’t just rely on that to lose weight. There’s nothing quite like exercise to keep your heart healthy and functioning well. Especially exercises that are easy to do, yet effective enough to give the body a good workout.

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No Excuse Workout System — Interval Training Is Effective for Fat Loss

The key to fat loss from exercise is elevated metabolism, where the body continues to burn fat after the workout. This is possible when the intensity of exercise is high, such as in interval training.

During an intense workout, the body actually burns more calories — mostly carbohydrates, along with some fat. This is good news for people trying to shed unwanted fat. However, two points of caution are in order: ensure that your diet has sufficient carbs and do not over-train!

Interval Training

As defines, interval training is “a type of discontinuous physical training that involves a series of low to high-intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods.”

Typically, high-intensity periods are at or close to anaerobic exercise while recovery periods are at lower-intensity activity or complete rest. Note that the metabolism boosting effects of high intensity intervals make it more effective at inducing fat loss, compared to the same time spent on training at a moderate intensity level.

While interval training may sound difficult and a lot to do for exercise, it need not be. If there were such a workout program that takes only 4 minutes of your time, 3 to 5 times a week, wouldn’t it be easy and simple to stick to it for good? There is — it’s called the No Excuse Workout program, marketed by The Healthy Back Institute.

No Excuse Workout Program — What’s Inside?

The No Excuse Workout comes with 2 DVDs. In these, you’d get to watch the trainer, Ryan, take you through each 4-minute workout — there’s a total of 20 — in real time. And you simply copy what Ryan does, taking your cue from the DVD’s timer display to know how long to exercise and rest.

No Excuse Workout system DVD set

No Excuse DVD 1 focuses on dumbbell workouts, 10 in all as follows:

  • Swing Crunch
  • Snatch Squat
  • Squat, Curl and Press Combo
  • Press, Lunch and Crunch
  • Dumbbell Thruster
  • … and 5 more dynamic workouts

These are muscle-pumping, fat-stripping exercises you can do anywhere with an inexpensive dumbbell; and burn like 800+ calories per day. Starting off with the Swing Crunch, which can help you get in shape fast, workouts get more challenging as you work to increase your strength and fitness with each step.

No Excuse DVD 2 contains 10 body weight training workouts, all done with no equipment at all. Using just your body weight, do different push ups, pull ups and others to exercise all the major muscle groups — this helps you get a lean, sculpted body.

With this 2-DVD set, you are on your way to looking fit, strong and lean without spending hours in the gym. And feeling good about your body and sense of well being. Just imagine your next catch-up with friends and how they will react when they see you.

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Cardiovascular Exercise Is Good Too

What about cardiovascular exercise? Also known as aerobic exercise, it is good for burning fat too. Typical activities like swimming, cycling and running can help you lose fat to reduce weight. Provided you can afford the time for a meaningful workout.

Cardio exercise is done at low intensity, around 60-70% of the maximum heart rate. This puts the body into the so-called “fat burning zone” where you burn fat during the workout. However, the fat loss benefit disappears after the workout ends. In a way, the “yield” is relatively lower for a much longer exercise period, compared to say interval training.

Now, What’s Your Excuse?

It’s almost funny how people can come up with various excuses just to avoid going for exercise. But with the No Excuse Workout system, there’s no more excuse not to do it. For the added benefit of good health and a fitter body while losing weight, this is worth it.

It’s simply a matter of squeezing out minutes each day from your busy schedule to work out. Like in these situations:

  • While you wait for your dinner to come out of the microwave
  • During the commercial break of your favorite TV show
  • Before your coffee break
  • Before going out for lunch
  • While you wait for the shower to get hot

The best part is your investment of a few minutes a day will show dividends 30 days later. Just imagine seeing muscles replace your flab, as you turn fitter and slimmer.

So, you don’t need to waste thousands on a gym membership. With No Excuse Workout, you can do good for your body with so little time (and money) invested. Don’t make any more excuses about not having time to exercise — get your set of No Excuse Workout DVDs now.

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Tip: If you are considering ThinMist weight loss spray to help you lose weight, start with this winning combo: Thinmist + Natural Cleanse + No Excuse Workout. After you buy ThinMist, remember to add No Excuse Workout and Natural Cleanse to your order too.

Weight Loss Solutions Weight Loss Supplements

Introducing Trimaxin: ThinMist Weight Loss Spray

Living Well Nutraceuticals recently launched their latest product: ThinMist Weight Loss Spray. This is a dietary supplement made with natural ingredients that can help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Instead of making you starve like in some other weight loss programs, ThinMist actually lets you eat normally without putting on those extra pounds. How is this possible?

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ThinMist Weight Loss Spray

ThinMist bottle

Successful weight loss hinges on two important factors. First, you must see visible results soon enough. Such positive feedback serves to motivate and reinforce the desire to succeed; otherwise the outcome is always the same: you will give up trying to lose weight.

Second, there must not be the feeling of being deprived of food. If you are left feeling hungry, chances are you would binge at the next meal. This potentially nullifies all your efforts to lose weight thus far and puts you back at square one. And then you suffer the yo-yo effect of dieting, trying even harder to lose weight.

Enter ThinMist, which addresses these two factors and more. The idea behind ThinMist is a simple and sensible one — boost the body’s metabolism to burn fat and reduce weight. This provides a noticeable result in a relatively short time and allows you to almost eat what you like. And there are other health benefits to boot.

It’s Possible to Eat Normally and Lose Weight

ThinMist is actually a dietary supplement, something you’d use just before each meal. Formulated as a weight loss spray, ThinMist is sprayed into the mouth, under the tongue — just 3 pumps per dose is all it takes. While keeping the liquid in the mouth for 30 seconds or longer, ThinMist starts to get absorbed into the bloodstream and goes to work immediately.

This sublingual delivery of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs — natural ingredients found in ThinMist — kicks the body’s metabolism into high gear and turns on its fat burning furnace. So while you eat a nice and healthy meal, ThinMist is sort of “working behind the scenes” to help you lose fat and weight.

And that’s how it is possible to eat normally yet lose weight. With ThinMist, you get a proven weight loss supplement.

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Who Are Living Well Nutraceuticals?

Living Well Nutraceuticals are perhaps most well known for their Rub On Relief cream — the #1 all-natural pain relief cream. This product contains a powerful blend of homeopathic ingredie.nts and Cetyl Myristoleate that can deal with all sorts of pain conditions. Click here if you’d like to learn more about Rub On Relief.

Other all-natural products by Living Well include the following. You can click on each product name to discover what it does.

  • Heal-n-Soothe: a potent mix of proteolytic enzymes that fight inflammation, relief pain and heal the body.
  • SleepZyme: a non-addictive natural sleep aid for restful sleep.
  • Super Omega CoQ10: an all-in-one dietary supplement rich in EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, fat soluble Vitamin E and CoQ10 nutrients.

Living Well Nutraceuticals products are marketed by The Healthy Back Institute and sold online. Now, they have entered the fray with their Trimaxin line of quality healthcare products…

What are Trimaxin Products?

The Trimaxin series currently has two products: ThinMist weight loss spray and Natural Cleanse colon care. Earlier, you’ve read about how ThinMist can help you lose weight and manage it for long term. You can get quick facts on ThinMist by visiting here.

Trimaxin: Natural Cleanse detoxifies your body by ridding the colon of toxins. As you embark on weight loss through healthy eating in conjunction with ThinMist, it is an opportune moment to “overhaul” your body by clearing the poisons built up over the years. Natural Cleanse helps you do this safely; and together with ThinMist, your body becomes trimmer and healthier.

Who Is The Healthy Back Institute?

The Healthy Back Institute (HBI) are the people behind the popular online back pain help site called They are responsible for highly successful pain relief products like their Lose The Back Pain System and The 7-Day Back Pain Cure book.

HBI markets selected healthcare products, including the Living Well products listed above. In fact, ThinMist was the result of a collaboration between The Healthy Back Institute and Living Well Nutraceuticals to create a superior weight loss spray.

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Is ThinMist for You?

Without doubt, ThinMist provides an almost-perfect answer to safe, effective and sustainable weight loss. While it may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with medical conditions or allergies, some of us can really benefit from such a simple system for losing weight.

As they say: “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” — if you are planning to lose weight and ThinMist is a viable option, you may just want to give it a try.

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