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Making New Year Weight Loss Resolutions? Start with ThinMist

So, Christmas has come and gone. Have you been naughty or nice this holiday season, from the perspective of keeping to your ideal weight? Did you eat loads of unhealthy food or ate wisely and healthily?

Perhaps you started on making and enjoying sinfully healthy foods like we recommended earlier. If so, good for you! If not, it may be time to review why you keep eating the way you do and disregard your health.

And if you are feeling heavier from the festive overeating, wait no more and do something about it. There is no point in feeling guilty about having let your weight loss plans get derailed by somewhat irresponsible behavior. Luckily, help is not far away…

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New Year Weight Loss — Trapped in a Vicious Cycle?

Humans are creatures of habit — we all get used to doing things in our life. But habits can be a double-edge sword. When a habit is serving you well and delivering benefits, you are doing something good almost naturally, without much thought.

But if a habit is stopping you from achieving a positive outcome, then it becomes a real problem that is hard to go away. And what they say is true: old habits die hard. It takes much work to kick a bad habit!

Speaking of habits, many people like to make new year resolutions, habitually. However, if you keep seeing the same items on your new year to-do/to-change list year after year, isn’t this a worrying sign?

For example, if every new year sees you swearing about kicking bad eating habits — like the uncontrolled Thanksgiving to Christmas overeating — and losing weight once and for all, invariably you are setting yourself up for failure.

Why? Because you haven’t changed the habit of making yet another new year weight loss resolution. It is a vicious cycle that repeats itself, unless you break it.

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Weight Loss Challenge: Lose Weight Fast and Safe

The real new year weight loss challenge you should face is this: change some of your existing habits. Rather than launch into drastic changes — which is a sure formula for failure — start easy with simple and incremental changes.

When you break it all down, the weight loss journey can be started (or resumed) with 3 small habit modifications, as follows:

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  • Use a metabolism booster, like ThinMist weight loss spray.
    This is an easy first step that puts you on firm ground to realize real weight loss. ThinMist lets you prep your body to start burning more calories naturally. There is no need for drastic dieting; in fact, you almost get to eat what you like.
    The benefits of ThinMist are many, as described in various articles on this website. For example, here are 2 reviews on ThinMist: “Why This Weight Loss Spray Is So Good” and “ThinMist Co-Developer Reveals Weight Loss Success”. Also, you can get quick facts about ThinMist here.
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  • Eat nutritiously healthy meals, the Fitium way.
    When you eat healthily, you are feeding your body the nutrition it needs. This means you avoid junk food, toxins and other harmful stuff that can make you sick, not just impede weight loss. But eating right is not always easy or convenient.
    Now there is a novel way to get your hands on healthy meal plans. With Fitium, you get a personalized menu of meals to prepare, whether you need help for a day or would like the whole week planned for.
    Fitium’s meal plans are based on recommendations by their team of nutritionist, doctor and personal trainer, customized to your unique weight loss requirements. Read a comprehensive Fitium review here to understand what’s involved.
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  • Exercise regularly, just a few minutes a day with No Excuse Workout.
    Exercise is an important and necessary part of a real weight loss program. It increases your metabolism to burn fat and also expends calories as you build and maintain muscles from working out. But exercise can be quite a dread for most people.
    Fortunately, there is the No Excuse Workout program. With exercises that require mere minutes to do and complete, it’s a no-brainer solution which you’d have no trouble sticking with. That takes care of a key success factor: not giving up or finding excuses to postpone exercise!
    We introduced No Excuse Workout to our members a while back. Read our article here for a better idea of how easy you can start exercising. And actually start to like it.
    Note: Fitium also contains a workout component. You can use that or stay with No Excuse Workout’s low time investment approach.
  • Do not neglect exercise; forget those lame excuses. to start now but go easy with No Excuse Workout.

Start Now to Lose Weight Naturally

Our suggestion to take it easy with new year weight loss should be easy to appreciate and apply. By cracking your bad habits with small-size changes, you’ll overcome resistance to get up and get on with losing weight.

Most importantly, you now have on your hands an approach that is sustainable and can yield visible results. And it encompasses safe weight loss by attacking the problem holistically with diet, exercise and supplemental help.

While we don’t encourage being impatient with losing weight, the trio of ThinMist weight loss spray; Fitium nutritious and healthy eating plans; and No Excuse Workout would serve well to help you shed “festive” pounds and start getting slim and fit. Perhaps not quite as fast, but quietly confident it’ll be effective.

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Sinfully Healthy Food — All I Want for Xmas is to Eat Without Guilt

Festive holidays are great times for families and friends to gather and indulge in some feasting. Think about these two and you’d have an idea what’s involved: Thanksgiving and Christmas. And not forgetting regulars such as birthdays and the occasional wedding and workplace celebrations. Like it or not, it’s almost always food aplenty!

Take a look at the food and treats below. Don’t you just want to eat them? But wait a sec… are you holding back because you are trying to lose weight? Do you feel guilty if you had them? Are the temptation and consequences simply too much to bear that you’d rather walk away, though feeling a little deprived?

Sample food pics from Sinfully Healthy Food recipes

What would you give to be able to eat such sinful food and yet maintain a healthy waistline? How can it be possible that doing so doesn’t wreak havoc on your weight loss diet? Read on, for Christmas and other joyous occasions need not be dreadful again if you are watching your weight.

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Sinfully Healthy Food — A Nutritional Way to Lose Weight

We all know what sinful food looks like and tastes like. They are sinful because of their ingredients and especially the way these food dishes and treats are prepared. Most times, nutrition is not in the picture.

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. Paying attention to nutrition and what you eat is important to your health; more so if you are attempting weight loss through proper dieting. And this is where Belinda Benn’s “Sinfully Healthy Food” program can help you out — you can eat those sinful looking foods and yet stay slim.

What’s Inside Sinfully Healthy Food?

As the founder of Aussie Transformation Coach and an international fitness model herself, Belinda knows best when it comes to changing lives through good nutrition and exercise. Her own transformation is living proof: from an overweight, cellulite-riddled sedentary person into a fit and lean, mentally alert and more youthful fitness expert.

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Belinda’s search for how to eat better and stay healthy led her to superfoods and alternative ingredients that benefit the body.

She learned that these can optimize the body’s circulatory, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, respiratory and skeletal systems.

Which gives you the fuel and the building blocks to function at a top level. Just imagine how all this can make healthy weight loss more effective.

In doing so, Belinda has learned how to incorporate proper nutrition in the meals she eat. With the release of “Sinfully Healthy Food”, she is now able to share her knowledge and help others enjoy rich meals and delicious desserts without guilt, piling on empty calories nor messing up with their weight loss program.

Sinfully Healthy contains over 100 gourmet recipes which use super food ingredients that can help optimize metabolism and stabilize blood sugar. There are meals for all occasions, even featured menus to help you along. You get the nutritional breakdown of each recipe and know how to substitute ingredients. Best of all, there’s no hidden carbs, fats and sugar.

Plus, there are some 24 cupcake recipes for you to pander to your sweet tooth cravings. These are healthy treats designed to either boost metabolism, up your protein intake, raise energy levels or simply cleanse; some cupcake recipes can even enhance libido, so says Belinda.

As Belinda puts it, there are 9 big benefits to be had by following the recipes in Sinfully Healthy. For once, you don’t have to struggle with eating foods you really want. And holidays and get-togethers will become more meaningful and pleasurable because there is no more stress about eating unhealthy food. Your healthy ways will have a positive effect on others; the list goes on…

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Rave Reviews for Sinfully Healthy Food

Sinfully Healthy Food program has attracted much attention and great reviews from weight watchers and weight loss experts alike. Below are some quotes; you can read more here

My hat goes off to Belinda and her dedication to the development of her remarkable and deliciously healthy recipe books. As a nutritionist and fitness trainer and someone who has a thirst for good food and optimal health I can honestly say Belinda has a gift, she knows how to present her years of research and knowledge into effective and easy recipes…

Olivia Doherty
Nutrionist, INBA Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer

I began incorporating Belinda’s recipes into my life a little while back and I’ve had amazing results. Not only have I lost weight, but my skin is clearer, I feel better for it, my energy levels are sky-high, and I really think my moods have improved or so my family say. As I did notice when I ate sugar dense foods I got cranky. As a chef, I love to cook and I love my food to be tasty, hence I put on so much weight…


That is the most amazing tasting yummy cupcakes I have ever eaten. I can’t believe they are healthy. I could eat them every day!!! And to think what I have just eaten is healthy.


It is really hard for a housewife that respects the healthy choices of her family to keep up with fresh but healthy ideas. Belinda’s recipe collection is the best way to get inspired and stay on track with your cooking choices. Just browsing through the recipes you get even more motivated to keep eating the right foods and your family will never want to get back to the old, unhealthy routine.

Christina C.

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With the year-end holidays and festivities just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to start embracing healthy eating. You’d be doing yourself and loved ones a big favor by incorporating the recipes from Sinfully Healthy Food.

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  • 21-Day Fat Burning Accelerator Program
  • The Optimizer High Intensity Workout Booster
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That’s over $70 of additional value for a joyous early ho-ho-ho Xmas and a definite boost to your weight loss effort.

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