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ThinMist Helps Increase Natural Metabolism — Incredible Supplement, This!

The folks over at Weight Loss That Works have written a neat piece on weight loss tips based on what they called weight loss guide words. With this theme for their article, they distilled the wisdom of how to lose weight effectively using 4 ordinary words.

Just what are these words? They are “FATS”, “VEGS”, “DIET” and “GYM”. Words that you’d associate with weight loss, without doubt. But each has a special meaning which guides you in staying focused on shedding those unwanted pounds.

If your curiosity is piqued by these four weight loss guide words, head over to to read the article (and others). And learn the “hidden meaning of WEIGHT LOSS” as they spell it out…

Essentially, their overall message is this: eat healthily — no bad fats but plenty of vegs instead — and exercise regularly, building lean muscles to burn more calories. Very much in line with what we’ve discussed before.

Like in our recent articles on filling up with healthy foods and weight loss basics, which touched on building muscles and losing fat. Read them again (just click on the highlighted words) to remind yourself if needed.

Boosting Metabolism Naturally with ThinMist

The way those guide words are presented had an effect on us. We thought hard about how to use the same ingenious style to bring across the role of ThinMist in weight loss. And we hit the jackpot, with this:

Metabolism —

We had hinted on this in the article’s title; perhaps it is more obvious when written in acrostic fashion, as we did above. At one glance, the benefit of ThinMist becomes stark but clear.

ThinMist’s unique formulation of amino acids and other nutrients helps the body produce what’s known as HGH, or human growth hormones. The body does this naturally in the pituitary glands, but as we age, the production level drops drastically.

A lower HGH level has a negative effect on metabolism, which in turn doesn’t help weight loss. But ThinMist can help to raise the level when used as instructed, boosting metabolism to burn extra calories. This is one of the key benefits of this weight loss spray when it comes to promoting natural weight loss.

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Spray Your Way to a Slimmer Body

Now, we didn’t stop right there once we had “demystified THINMIST”. We had a go on the word “SPRAY”, which is what ThinMist is, and uncovered another gem:


Yes, that’s the very essence of losing weight: getting a body shape which you are happy with. Thinking about the confidence that the new you brings can provide strong motivation to help you get there. Of course, there’s no defying the weight loss basics of eating right and exercising regularly.

And knowing that ThinMist weight loss spray can be of great assistance.

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Weight Loss Tips

Common Weight Loss Myths, Debunked

Weight loss myths are commonplace, literally “a dime a dozen”. Anyone who has tried to lose weight — especially one who hasn’t been successful at it — would have his or her version of some popular “beliefs” to share.

Even those who have lost weight may have been influenced by common weight loss myths at one time or another. When they give you tips on losing weight, should you regard them as useful advice or take them with a pinch of salt?

“You can’t lose weight if you continue to eat what you like.” to learn how ThinMist busts this weight loss myth

Weight Loss Myths

Much depends on whether you did proper research before starting on weight loss. Myths perpetuate misinformation, but can sometimes sound logical, especially to a person desperate about shedding those extra pounds.

However, such misinformation can actually make losing weight more difficult and put your health at risk. So, do you know what the common weight loss myths look like? Let’s review a few of them lest you unknowingly become a victim.

Weight Loss Myth: Lose pounds quickly with a sharp drop in calories

This has got to be the number one weight loss myth. It sounds like commonsense and is exemplified by numerous dieting solutions built around it. Notwithstanding this, it stands to reason that such a belief is misplaced.

When you consume too few calories, you starve your body and this sends a message to the brain to slow down metabolism. If this eating-too-little situation persists, your body will adjust to burn fewer calories — scientists call this adaptive thermogenesis.

A slower metabolism does not help weight loss at all. Eating too little thus backfires on you; in fact it can make you gain more pounds instead as your craving for food builds up and you finally succumb to bingeing.

Nutritionists caution that diets with fewer than 1,000 calories per day are unsafe and unhealthy. Many negative side effects arise from starvation, such as nausea and poor concentration. The biggest downside is your failure to lose weight and the misery it brings.

The Diet Solution Program eBook

Note: A calorie restricted diet is different in that it is a healthy eating plan designed — usually in consultation with a nutritionist — for weight loss. There is no severe cutback on calories; instead, the reduction is a meaningful and manageable one.

Tip: A healthy weight loss program includes eating well. It is to your benefit to learn how to incorporate this correctly with delicious recipes for weight loss. The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios comes highly recommended.

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Weight Loss Myth: Skip breakfast to lose weight

Skipping breakfast is easy to do and the purported benefit is indeed very tempting for weight watchers. But the “good news” ends here… skipping meals is fraught with problems that kill your weight loss and harm your health.

As noted earlier, when you go with little or no food, you deprive your body and feel hungry. This has the tendency to cause you to overeat at the next meal, which is actually counterproductive when you are trying to lose weight.

The fact is, after your body has rested during sleep, it needs to “refuel” to properly function for the new day. Starting your day on an “empty tank” by missing breakfast causes you not to meet the daily calorie requirement essential for good health.

The correct approach is to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Include a source of protein (like eggs, milk, yogurt, etc), fruits and veggies (for vitamins and minerals). Servings of whole grain (think rolled oats) are good too.

Tip: A nutritious breakfast need not be boring or complicated. The Diet Solution Program has lots of healthy breakfast ideas to choose from. How about this simple meal plan for tomorrow’s breakfast: 2 organic eggs, 1 cup steamed asparagus and a pear?

Weight Loss Myth: Snacking between meals is bad

The notion of eating between meals being good for weight loss is probably counter-intuitive. When the focus is on burning more calories than you consume, it is hard to imagine that snacking can help one lose weight.

Actually, snacking between meals does two things: it keeps your metabolism high and stabilizes blood sugar level; and it stops you from overeating at the next meal. The important thing is to eat healthily — enjoy a nice snack of raw walnuts, strawberries and celery sticks, for example.

Eating only 3 meals a day usually means larger portions of food being consumed and a heavier load of calories for the body to burn at one go. Instead, it is better to eat 6 or 7 small meals throughout the day to keep metabolism high and the fat burning furnace going constantly.

Tip: The Diet Solution Program recommends smaller meals spread about 3 hours apart. Start with breakfast at 8am, a snack at 11am, lunch at two, another snack at 4pm and finally dinner at 7pm. No supper, please.

Proactive Weight Loss with ThinMist

With these common weight loss myths debunked, it is clearer how healthy weight loss is possible. It bears repeating that eating well should be part and parcel of a sustainable weight loss program, so don’t go crazy chasing misinformation like those myths mentioned above.

The nicest part is that ThinMist weight loss spray can help you manage weight loss proactively. By stimulating the body to keep metabolism high naturally, ThinMist allows you to eat the foods that you like while you make steady progress in losing weight. How’s that for positive motivation!

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Weight Loss Solutions Weight Loss Supplements Weight Loss Tips

ThinMist Review — Why This Weight Loss Spray Is So Good

There are generally two types of weight loss spray in the market: oral and nasal. The oral sprays are typically some sort of diet supplement, though not all are created equal. Nasal sprays tend to work by suppressing smell and taste to discourage eating.

ThinMist weight loss spray is a dietary supplement taken orally. It acts mainly as a metabolism booster to burn fat while the weight watcher eats normally — there is no need to go on a starvation-type diet. Practically, you can lose weight with ThinMist while eating what you like.

Eat what you like yet lose weight. to find out how…

Review of ThinMist Facts and Benefits

Bottle of ThinMist

In this ThinMist Review, we look at why this weight loss spray is superior and how it can help you lose weight effectively. We also highlight the science facts that support the use of ThinMist.

ThinMist’s key success factor is its use of quality ingredients that make up a clinically proven formula, delivered fast into the body. This and other ThinMist facts make it the leading weight loss spray.

Tip: In another ThinMist review, we looked at how Steven Hefferon, who co-developed ThinMist with Jesse Cannone, lost weight using the weight loss spray he jointly created.

ThinMist Uses a Clinically Proven Formula

Physicians' Desk Reference 66th Edition (2012)

Many weight loss supplements contain cheap ingredients in (low) concentrations that have not been verified as effective. According to the Physicians’ Desk Reference (visit for more info), only about 10% to 20% of the ingredients get absorbed into the digestive system.

The outcome is hardly surprising: supplement manufacturers profit while consumers are left wondering why they aren’t losing weight.

Living Well’s ThinMist is made differently — it is loaded with top quality ingredients that are supported by clinical studies and recommended by physicians for weight loss. In fact, ThinMist contains a “secret ingredient” that’s been reported by the New England Journal of Medicine as proven to melt away 14% of trapped body fat.

Potent Ingredients, But Safe for Natural Weight Loss

ThinMist label showing its ingredients

Ingredients found in ThinMist weight loss spray include amino acids (e.g. L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine and L-Valine), chromium, elk antler velvet, colostrum, DHEA and GABA. These work together not only to reduce weight but also improve health and well being.

ThinMist provides you with an all-natural treatment because its ingredients facilitate the body to lose fat. Instead of making you starve like some weight loss programs do, ThinMist revs up metabolism to turn on your body’s fat burning furnace.

The end result is you lose weight naturally and safely without negative side effects.

for more on safe weight loss with ThinMist.

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Human Growth Hormones Decline with Age

Human growth hormones, or HGH, are produced naturally in the body, in the pituitary gland. Their role is cell reproduction and regeneration, stimulating the body to grow. HGH affect functions such as metabolism, growth and maintenance of muscles, nails, skin, etc. Even the libido. (Learn more about HGH at wikipedia.)

NIH chart showing HGH declines with age

Research by the National Institute of Health has shown that human growth hormones decline with age, as shown in the chart above. When you are young, high levels of HGH make you grow rapidly. But once you are about 35 years old, your HGH level would have plummeted to a low that will persist till old age. Which shows up as the effects of aging we all know.

In medicine, HGH is used as a prescription drug to treat growth disorders in children and growth hormone deficiency in adults. It is not approved by the FDA for weight loss. On a related note, some diet pills and supplements may contain the human hormone hCG (also not FDA approved) — be mindful of potential health risks.

ThinMist is safe because its amino acids stimulate the body to produce HGH naturally. Other ingredients like DHEA revs up metabolism; chromium promotes healthy levels of blood sugar; and GABA relieves stress and boosts the mood. All adding up to effective weight loss and good health.

Sublingual Delivery Works Quicker

ThinMist’s claim of “You get results up to 200% FASTER!” is not without reason. By spraying ThinMist under the tongue, this sublingual delievery of nutrients gets absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. So you get fast-acting weight loss compared to other supplements.

Oral supplements like diet pills can’t deliver the same potency since they get broken down in the digestive system before getting fully absorbed into the body. Even high-quality pills lose their efficacy in this manner. Sublingual delivery, however, avoids this problem and gives fast results.

Where Can I Get ThinMist

Living Well Nutraceuticals sell their products online. You can buy ThinMist weight loss spray through our website For your convenience, you can find out about ThinMist right here, just like this ThinMist Review you’re reading, before you buy.

Once you have done your pre-purchase product research, simply click on the product ads we feature or the various textual links. You’d be taken directly to the ThinMist product page that lets you order ThinMist.

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A Word on Pricing

At, we emphasize and practise high standards of transparency and integrity. We are mindful of misrepresentation, including product prices and deals that may come and go. As such, we do not publish pricing on ThinMist on this website that can potentially mislead visitors.

All customers see the same latest and best online deals when they are brought to the ThinMist product page — you are assured of this fair treatment when buying through our website.

Tip: Save your valuable time — there’s no need to compare prices or search high and low for offers and discount coupons. And Living Well does not sell ThinMist on Amazon or eBay.