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Eating Less to Lose Weight — Fill Up with Healthy Foods

Eating less to lose weight makes sense, as you load the body with fewer calories while it burns off those extras. One way to eat less is by having food that makes you feel full. That way, you reduce the urge to over eat.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or keep it off, eating the right kind of foods is absolutely essential. And when you are trying to eat less, it’s imperative that your diet is focused on the most filling healthy foods.

Healthy Foods Which Are Filling

Food which makes you feel full isn’t necessarily healthy. Some of the most filling foods include sweets and bad fats — you have to avoid them like your weight loss enemies. Instead, choose from among the following types of healthy foods which can help to keep you full throughout the day.

  • Fiber-rich Foods
    These are a good choice because you don’t need much to feel full. Which means you can get into the habit of not overeating.
  • Foods Rich in Protein
    Another good choice, since protein can help keep blood sugar levels from spiking too high or falling too low between meals. You get staying power instead of food cravings.
  • Healthy Fats
    Consume the healthiest type, from foods such as avocado, nuts, olive oil and fatty fish (e.g. salmon, sardines). These give you a feeling of fullness.
  • Beans and Lentils
    Feel full longer with beans and lentils as they contain anti-nutrients which delay their absorption.
  • Foods Naturally Rich in Water
    These foods can also make you feel full, usually for a shorter period of time.

Here are some specific healthy foods you can eat to fill up with less…

Best for Breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast — this is part and parcel of eating right for weight loss. Forget the myth about skipping breakfast.


Studies indicate that women who ate eggs for breakfast lost more pounds than those who had bagels, calorie for calorie. The protein in eggs provide you with lots of energy and helps to keep hunger in check. Nice, as you can enjoy a simple and tasty meal to lose weight.


Oats are one of the most filling natural foods due to their high fiber content — the soluble fiber absorbs water and expands in your stomach so you’d feel full. Having oatmeal for breakfast can provide enough energy to last till lunch.

Great for Snacking

A healthy eating plan includes 2 snack breaks in between the main meals. With shorter time between meals, metabolism gets to stay high and blood sugar level is more stable. Also, it makes for smaller meal portions when you eat. All great plus factors that help you lose weight.

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With some of the highest fiber content found in fruits, berries are great for making a filling meal to give you more staying power. For example, a cup of raspberries contains 8g fiber, almost twice as much as in a medium apple, yet with fewer calories. You can enjoy the goodness of berries by simply adding frozen ones to protein shakes or yogurt.

Whole Fruits

High in fiber, whole fruits can be tasty and filling healthy foods. Those with high water content, i.e. juicy fruits like watermelons, grapes and peaches, are especially good for making you feel full. In addition, you benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in many whole fruits.


Nuts are high in protein and contain healthy fats; these contribute to fullness because the body processes them slowly. A handful of nuts or seeds — roughly an ounce per serving — make a great snack to keep hunger pangs away.

Full of Proteins

Protein plays many important roles in the fat loss process. Firstly, eating enough protein maintains muscle so that your body burns fat instead. Secondly, protein is more filling than carbs and fats, so it keeps you satisfied. And thirdly, its very high thermic effect means the body burns more calories to digest protein.


Undoubtedly, fish has one of the highest concentrated protein content and some fish contain lots of good Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is a healthy food in so many ways and you can feel full eating just fish. However, choose only a safe fish to consume as many types of fish can be contaminated with unhealthy levels of toxins.


Quinoa is an interesting grain because it has more protein than most grains, about 8g per cup. While grains work great as filling foods due to their high fiber content, with quinoa you get the benefit of protein aiding your weight loss. For the uninitiated, you can try this simple quinoa recipe here.

Beans (especially Black Beans)

Like grains, beans are high in fiber and another good source of protein. For instance, a half-cup of black beans provides about 8g each of protein and fiber. Other healthy and filling beans include navy, pinto and kidney. Beans are easy to use — just toss them into a salad or soup.

Load Up on Fiber

According to, your daily food intake weighs roughly the same. If you meet that need by choosing high-fiber, water-rich foods, you can feel full on fewer calories. As fibrous foods can require more chewing, the brain perceives the longer eating time as a cue for fullness. Also, chewing promotes saliva and the production of stomach juices that help fill the stomach.

Vegetables (especially Broccoli)

Vegetables are filling foods because they’re full of calorie-free fiber and water. Broccoli has one of the highest fiber content: 1 cup of chopped cooked broccoli has 6g fiber and only 50 calories, a terrific hunger-busting food. Other veggies to eat include kale, spinach, dark green lettuces, mushrooms and carrots.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is full of high-fiber foods and low in calories. Starting a meal with soup can make you feel satisfied and eat less for the main meal. Go for homemade soups whenever possible and freeze any extras to make a quick meal when needed.

Lose Weight with the Best Healthy Filling Foods

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When your diet is full of healthy foods that are filling, you’re off to a superb start to cutting calories and losing weight. Go for foods rich in protein, fiber and Omega-3 fats, like the examples given above. And always remember to drink plenty of water.

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ThinMist Review — ThinMist Co-Developer Reveals Weight Loss Success

Steve H looking slimmer after using ThinMist

Many people looking for effective pain relief solutions have heard of Jesse Cannone, co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute, and the popular Lose The Back Pain system.

Not as many know the “other half” of HBI — Jesse’s business partner — who is none other than Steven Hefferon.

Steve is pictured here looking trim, thanks to the revolutionary weight loss product which he and Jesse created. You probably know it: the new ThinMist weight loss spray.

ThinMist helped Steve successfully lose some 25 pounds. Our ThinMist review looks at Steve’s experience with his weight loss supplement.

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Weight Loss Success with ThinMist

There’s nothing like hearing a success story straight from the product developer. Steve H is literally the first person to have tried out ThinMist for weight loss. And he succeeded in losing weight by doing some things and not others.

This is what Steve did:

  • Sprayed ThinMist into his mouth before each meal.

and did not do:

  • No special diet — Steve practically continued eating what he loved.
  • No exercise.

Steve did just that in the first 2 months of using ThinMist. He noticed he was “dropping pant sizes” while being “lazy” on how he was going about losing weight. At around the eighth week, Steve realized that ThinMist was giving him real results.

Steve H before and after using ThinMist

That’s where he got serious about his weight loss. He “made a couple of simple changes to my lifestyle – making healthier food choices, and doing Jujitsu twice per week…”

What Steve finally did was a big step in the positive direction. While ThinMist could have helped him lose weight without much fuss, he got healthier and fitter too by eating right and exercising regularly.

We like this holistic approach to weight loss and well being, which is the main theme of what we share on our website about losing weight healthily. Just look at the before-and-after pictures above and notice that Steve’s belly has disappeared…

“Youth Hormones” Make a Difference

Steve’s success with ThinMist confirmed he and Jesse had another winning product. Their research into how human growth hormones relate to age, ability to lose weight and general well being had yielded visible and sustainable results.

Note: For those what are curious, you can browse thousands of journal articles on human growth hormones (or HGH) at the US National Library of Medicine.

In an earlier ThinMist review, we discussed how human growth hormones decline with age. It is clear that an increase in these so-called “youth hormones” can help to release stubborn fat.

In fact, getting back youth hormones to a suitable level brings about many benefits, such as:

  • Speeding up metabolism, which naturally burn calories faster much like how it was during the teen years and early 20s.
  • Increasing aerobic capacity, which makes it easier and also more enjoyable to exercise.
  • Replacing fat with calorie-burning lean muscle, which sculpts the body and gives metabolism a further boost.
  • Improving quality of sleep, mood and energy levels, which makes a person naturally feel good about oneself and motivated to make healthier choices.
  • Reducing and taming cravings from better regulation of blood sugar.

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ThinMist Helps You Get Back Your Youth Hormones Naturally

In essence, trying to lose weight without first dealing with the body’s declining HGH level is like trying to push a parked car down a long hill. For the car to move, its brakes must be released; in the same vein, raising HGH back to a “youthful” level releases the brakes on weight loss.

And this is where ThinMist comes in — its potent formula of amino acids, chromium, herbs and other nutrients help restore your youth hormones to a much higher level, give you more energy and boost your general well being. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why ThinMist is so good.

ThinMist provides a 100% natural way to safely boost your body’s natural production of HGH in the pituitary gland. By simply spraying ThinMist under your tongue 30 minutes prior to eating, the ingredients enter the bloodstream and begin to prime the body to release HGH.

Get Safe Weight Loss with ThinMist

To restore your HGH level to a “youthful high”, there is no need to resort to injecting prescription HGH into your body. Introducing foreign elements into the body is usually unsafe. In fact, the FDA does not approve of certain hormone injections for weight loss.

With ThinMist, however, your body naturally regulates its own production of HGH. This gives you a safe choice for weight loss that has no negative side effects. Once your body establishes a good level of HGH production, you begin to get longer-term weight loss with continued use of ThinMist.

HBI recommends that ThinMist users commit to at least a 90-day program to get best results. In case you are overweight by more than 25 pounds or have had no luck with weight loss since your twenties, a 6-month program of supplementation is recommended.

And while you have ThinMist to help you, don’t forget that the holistic approach to losing weight is the best one that gets you weight loss success you can keep. Our ThinMist review of Steven Hefferon’s success with losing weight lends credence to this approach.

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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Affirmations with ThinMist — Do They Help or Hinder?

It is true that your diet and exercise programs are pivotal elements for success in weight loss. But sticking to them require you to have a high level of belief, discipline and commitment. Thus it makes good sense to firstly affirm those important personal traits.

Of course with ThinMist weight loss spray, it becomes easier to lose weight. While you get natural weight loss with ThinMist, why not work on a holistic approach to total well being that includes watching what you eat and working those muscles? This takes us back to the role of affirmations.

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Weight Loss Affirmations

Do affirmations for weight loss help you stay on track when you are trying to lose weight? Or should they be dismissed as ballyhoo or simply hype created to sell products unrelated to weight loss? Will your chances for weight loss success increase with affirmations?

The questions above are quite common when it comes to the “mental challenges” that arise when a person tries to lose weight. Their answers depend on what the person has been telling himself or herself and how much he or she is convinced by what is going on in the head.

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What Are You Telling Yourself?

When you feel you are busy, tired or even lazy to follow your weight loss regimen, what goes on inside your head? Do you talk yourself out of exercising for a day? Or tell yourself it’s ok to eat unhealthy foods for a change? Perhaps other thoughts that work against your weight loss pursuit?

You may not realize it, but the moment you miss one commitment to stay on track for weight loss, you would have lowered your personal standard. So much so that you’d start talking yourself into deviating more often and finding excuses — you may mistake them as reasons — to skip more commitments.

To prevent such a negative spiral from happening, some experts propose that putting in place weight loss affirmations can help a person stay on the straight and narrow. In fact, people who struggle with weight loss are turning to affirmations for support. Now, what exactly are affirmations and do they work for weight loss?

What is An Affirmation?

According to wikipedia, an affirmation is a “New Thought/New Age term that refers primarily to the practice of positive thinking.” Fundamentally, it centers on a carefully formatted statement that is spoken out loud and repeated numerous times by a person to himself or herself.

The basic idea is to “foster the belief that a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” It is reckoned that by exposing our subconscious mind to a consistent and regularly repeated message spoken in a state of strong emotion, it begins to accept and act upon such information.

Thus, affirmations can be said to program a person’s beliefs and behavior. But for it to be effective, an affirmation needs to be articulated “in present tense” and be worded in a “positive, personal and specific” manner. As an example, the following affirmation helps one to stop procrastinating:

I am always moving forward and working on my goals.

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Can Affirmations Work for Weight Loss?

Affirmations for weight loss can be liken to a “mental diet” and behaves just like a physical diet — results taper off quickly once you stop using them. To help continue with losing weight, affirmations must be spoken as prescribed; stay with them even (and especially) when visible results start showing.

Be mindful that affirmations are not the be-all and end-all. Words alone may sometimes fail to get you going for that regular exercise or help you avoid eating unhealthily. Correct physical action is still needed to follow through with any affirmation for weight loss.

Nevertheless, affirmations can come in useful to underpin your weight loss effort as following your diet and sticking to your exercise program aren’t always that easy.

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Make Weight Loss Affirmations Work for You

It is true that the majority of people who fail at weight loss actually talked themselves out of it. These people know what to do to lose weight but allow their negative self-talk to rule them. Defeating this negative self-talk is therefore key and weight loss affirmations can help a person be successful in losing weight.

If you are currently struggling with your weight loss program, the following affirmations can form a starting point. Pick a couple that target a particular weight loss issue you currently have and start saying them on a daily basis. Consider adding on a couple more supporting affirmations once the earlier ones take root.

I am attaining and maintaining my ideal weight by eating wisely and exercising regularly.

I am happy about my commitment to eat natural, healthy foods and to live an active lifestyle.

I can see myself becoming slender, fit and trim as I continue with my weight loss regimen.

I can quickly and easily summon up the courage and enthusiasm to exercise.

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The best times for affirmations are when you first awake in the morning and just before you go to bed at night — your subconscious mind is easiest to access at these times. Remember to say your affirmations on a daily basis for the next 90 days without missing a day; thereafter, continue with them consistently.

Here are a few more weight loss affirmations you can use:

I do a healthy amount of exercise regularly so my body is strong and healthy.

I am proud of my body and happy to be lean and energetic and to feel great about the way I look.

I have full ability to control my weight, eating only healthy and nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

Defeat the negative self-talk by programming positive ones into your subconscious mind with affirmations for weight loss. Follow through with your diet and exercise programs conscientiously to emerge victorious as the new slimmer and fitter you.

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Weight Loss Tips

Does A Calorie Restriction Diet Work for Weight Loss?

The logic behind weight loss is actually simple: burn more calories than you eat. Understanding that is the easy part; the hard part is how to get rid of those extra calories. Exercise is usually the recommended solution — and rightfully so, as it keeps you fit and healthy.

Problem is, many of us dread exercise and have all sorts of excuses to put it off (to the detriment of our well being). And if you do exercise, the amount of calories burned off is not spectacular and few of us even known how much that is.

In the first place, do you know or ever bother about how many calories you add on each day from the foods you eat? Do you consciously avoid certain types of food? Are you calorie counting and does it work?

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Calorie Restriction Diet

What if you do the reverse: eat fewer calories by setting a limit? This is known as calorie restriction (or caloric restriction; aka CR), which wikipedia says is a dietary regimen that restricts calorie intake. Usually, your current unrestricted diet is used as the baseline or reference point to decide how much to limit.

However, does saying no to food mean you gotta starve and be hungry all the time? Perhaps not. With the help of modern science, a calorie restricted diet won’t make you feel deprived. Welcome news indeed, considering that there are health benefits you can enjoy from a low calorie lifestyle.

Benefits of Calorie Restriction Diet

Caloric restriction does not mean malnutrition. If done correctly, limiting calorie intake can provide good health benefits; in fact, some are quite surprising. Such as:

  • Living longer by offsetting negative effects of the aging process.
  • Eliminating chronic health issues linked to being fat, like diabetes, high cholesterol and digestive complaints.
  • Improving heart health by lowering cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Boosting memory by 20% on average over 3 months.

More details can be found in the Calorie Restriction Report from The Healthy Back Institute. to read the report

Sticking To Your Calorie Restricted Diet

Calorie counting pix

To succeed in calorie restriction, you need to cut back at least 25% of your calorie intake for at least a year. For this to work, be mindful about counting every calorie and not cheat.

It will be useful to engage a nutritionist to tailor-make your meal plans. This ensures you eat well and not neglect your body’s needs.

And join a weight loss support group to stay motivated — you might need this when the going gets tough.

Sticking to a diet can be quite trying, especially a calorie restricted one. Temptations abound, especially those nice looking desserts and fast food. It takes great discipline to tell yourself you can do without those and not succumb to cheating. Not even once in a long while!

Here Comes ThinMist to the Rescue

If you are a busy person with loads of work responsibilities and hardly enough time for your family, trying to lose weight in itself is a big challenge. And it’s much tougher if you’re going on a calorie restriction diet.

Luckily, there is help in the form of a weight loss spray — ThinMist, from Living Well Nutraceuticals. You’d use this as a dietary supplement, just before eating each meal. This will rev up your metabolism to burn fat and also help you not over eat.

ThinMist can be your first step towards actually losing weight and keeping it off. Once you are accustomed to staying strict with your eating plan, going on a calorie restricted diet will not be hard. Plus you’ll have ThinMist to help you out.

Make your low calorie diet work for your weight loss. Your trim and healthier body awaits…

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