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Weight Loss Affirmations with ThinMist — Do They Help or Hinder?

It is true that your diet and exercise programs are pivotal elements for success in weight loss. But sticking to them require you to have a high level of belief, discipline and commitment. Thus it makes good sense to firstly affirm those important personal traits.

Of course with ThinMist weight loss spray, it becomes easier to lose weight. While you get natural weight loss with ThinMist, why not work on a holistic approach to total well being that includes watching what you eat and working those muscles? This takes us back to the role of affirmations.

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Weight Loss Affirmations

Do affirmations for weight loss help you stay on track when you are trying to lose weight? Or should they be dismissed as ballyhoo or simply hype created to sell products unrelated to weight loss? Will your chances for weight loss success increase with affirmations?

The questions above are quite common when it comes to the “mental challenges” that arise when a person tries to lose weight. Their answers depend on what the person has been telling himself or herself and how much he or she is convinced by what is going on in the head.

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What Are You Telling Yourself?

When you feel you are busy, tired or even lazy to follow your weight loss regimen, what goes on inside your head? Do you talk yourself out of exercising for a day? Or tell yourself it’s ok to eat unhealthy foods for a change? Perhaps other thoughts that work against your weight loss pursuit?

You may not realize it, but the moment you miss one commitment to stay on track for weight loss, you would have lowered your personal standard. So much so that you’d start talking yourself into deviating more often and finding excuses — you may mistake them as reasons — to skip more commitments.

To prevent such a negative spiral from happening, some experts propose that putting in place weight loss affirmations can help a person stay on the straight and narrow. In fact, people who struggle with weight loss are turning to affirmations for support. Now, what exactly are affirmations and do they work for weight loss?

What is An Affirmation?

According to wikipedia, an affirmation is a “New Thought/New Age term that refers primarily to the practice of positive thinking.” Fundamentally, it centers on a carefully formatted statement that is spoken out loud and repeated numerous times by a person to himself or herself.

The basic idea is to “foster the belief that a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” It is reckoned that by exposing our subconscious mind to a consistent and regularly repeated message spoken in a state of strong emotion, it begins to accept and act upon such information.

Thus, affirmations can be said to program a person’s beliefs and behavior. But for it to be effective, an affirmation needs to be articulated “in present tense” and be worded in a “positive, personal and specific” manner. As an example, the following affirmation helps one to stop procrastinating:

I am always moving forward and working on my goals.

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Can Affirmations Work for Weight Loss?

Affirmations for weight loss can be liken to a “mental diet” and behaves just like a physical diet — results taper off quickly once you stop using them. To help continue with losing weight, affirmations must be spoken as prescribed; stay with them even (and especially) when visible results start showing.

Be mindful that affirmations are not the be-all and end-all. Words alone may sometimes fail to get you going for that regular exercise or help you avoid eating unhealthily. Correct physical action is still needed to follow through with any affirmation for weight loss.

Nevertheless, affirmations can come in useful to underpin your weight loss effort as following your diet and sticking to your exercise program aren’t always that easy.

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Make Weight Loss Affirmations Work for You

It is true that the majority of people who fail at weight loss actually talked themselves out of it. These people know what to do to lose weight but allow their negative self-talk to rule them. Defeating this negative self-talk is therefore key and weight loss affirmations can help a person be successful in losing weight.

If you are currently struggling with your weight loss program, the following affirmations can form a starting point. Pick a couple that target a particular weight loss issue you currently have and start saying them on a daily basis. Consider adding on a couple more supporting affirmations once the earlier ones take root.

I am attaining and maintaining my ideal weight by eating wisely and exercising regularly.

I am happy about my commitment to eat natural, healthy foods and to live an active lifestyle.

I can see myself becoming slender, fit and trim as I continue with my weight loss regimen.

I can quickly and easily summon up the courage and enthusiasm to exercise.

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The best times for affirmations are when you first awake in the morning and just before you go to bed at night — your subconscious mind is easiest to access at these times. Remember to say your affirmations on a daily basis for the next 90 days without missing a day; thereafter, continue with them consistently.

Here are a few more weight loss affirmations you can use:

I do a healthy amount of exercise regularly so my body is strong and healthy.

I am proud of my body and happy to be lean and energetic and to feel great about the way I look.

I have full ability to control my weight, eating only healthy and nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

Defeat the negative self-talk by programming positive ones into your subconscious mind with affirmations for weight loss. Follow through with your diet and exercise programs conscientiously to emerge victorious as the new slimmer and fitter you.

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  • Should I use ThinMist?
    ThinMist weight loss spray is a dietary supplement that helps you to lose weight naturally while you continue to eat healthily. If you are serious about your weight loss, use ThinMist to get sustainable results.
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