Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Basics: Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Get Slim, Stay Motivated

Woman thinking about weight loss

Weight loss is something on many people’s minds — some need it for aesthetic reasons and others for medical ones.

While many solutions are available on the market and advice is easily found online, achieving one’s weight loss goal is a totally different matter.

People struggle with how to lose weight mainly because of misguidance and wrong expectations, due in large part to slick product marketing. Just look at the numerous fad diet solutions out there and you get the idea.

Before you rush out to start on your plan to lose weight, consider the basics of weight loss first.

Weight Loss Basics

Decreasing the number of pounds you weigh is but one aspect of successful weight loss. It is the main idea which everyone can relate to, it is a measurable goal and it can bring visible results. The very words “weight loss” convey such notions.

What is discussed less often are the topics of restoring one’s health and improving it; transforming to a leaner body and keeping it; and staying on track to achieve the weight loss goal. They are important aspects of a total concept on losing weight.

Put simply, these are the basic principles for weight loss and getting that slimmer body:

  • Lose fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Stay motivated

Before we dive in to understand these principles and how to make them work for you, here’s something you should not do: take weight loss pills. Often, such pills are caffeine-laden, can pose health risks and are ineffective in the long run. Truth is, there is no shortcut to shedding those unwanted pounds,

Lose Fat: Diets & Supplements Can Help You

Eating the correct healthy diet is crucial for losing fat — choose and follow one that is high in protein and fiber, and low in refined carbohydrates. When you increase your intake of fiber and protein, this promotes weight loss and growth of strong muscles.

At the same time, when you consume much less refined carbs, you avoid piling on calories which do not provide much-needed nutrients for your body. Not all carbohydrates are bad, but refined ones certainly don’t do you any good especially when you are trying to lose weight.

Meanwhile, you should consider taking dietary supplements that help to increase nutritional intake and build muscle. A popular choice is whey protein powder, which is taken immediately after workouts for optimal results. One easy method is to mix it into your favorite smoothie.

Another good idea is supplementing with a weight loss spray, such as ThinMist. This dietary supplement is formulated with ingredients that help boost metabolism to burn fat quicker, stop cravings and actually reduce the urge to eat too much.

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Note: Before starting on dietary supplements, it is best to consult your doctor who knows your medical condition and can assess whether such supplements are suitable for you.

Gain Muscle: You Need to Do Those Workouts

Muscle gain helps in weight loss because fat is burned to provide energy that muscles need to stay alive. It is interesting to note that a pound of muscle requires 75 to 150 calories a day to work while a pound of fat needs only 3 calories.

Thus, it is imperative that you work out when attempting weight loss. You should do both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to work the body harder; for better results, remember to vary your exercise routines to keep stimulating your body. See the “Keeping Fit” section on the left sidebar for some great ideas, e.g. the Visual Impact for Women program.

Work out at least thrice a week at the proper intensity level — doing this can help you reach your weight loss goal sooner. Be very serious with your exercise routine and stay committed to your plan. Learn to motivate yourself to stay on track.

Regular exercise done with consistency and commitment is a must. Don’t make the mistake of starting out vigorously hoping for quick results, as most people who do this give up after a few weeks. Quitting on exercise doesn’t help you lose weight effectively.

Stay Motivated: Weight Loss is a Journey

It is important to accept that weight loss doesn’t happen in a short period of time. Rather, losing weight is like a journey that you need to track for progress. In doing so, you are able to see results along the way to stay motivated with your plan.

A recommended way to monitor progress is using photos of yourself. When you start on your weight loss program, take a full body shot and note the problem areas where you’d like to see fat reduction. Over the next weeks and months, take similar photos regularly to see how you’ve progressed.

Do not use scales to measure your weight as a way of keeping track. Often, scales can be unreliable and show that you are heavier than your actual weight — this can be very demotivating. Plus, there is the tendency to weigh yourself too often as eagerness to see results take control.

For good support and motivation, don’t be shy to join a local weight loss group. Membership gives you the opportunity to connect and bond emotionally with others who are trying to lose weight as well. You can get support and feedback to keep you on track and give you that extra push when you are feeling a little down.

There will be people who talk negatively about losing weight and they may try to discourage you — it’s best to distance yourself from them. To be successful in weight loss, you need to fill your life with positive influences so that you feel you have the support and are motivated to follow through with your plan.

Get Going, You Can Do It!

If a slimmer body is what you desire, you got to drill down to weight loss basics. Rather than hop from one solution to the next hoping for that elusive fast weight loss miracle, focus on the fundamentals that support how the body can lose weight. Use the tips you’ve learned here and get going.

When done correctly, what you have is a holistic approach to shedding those unwanted pounds, looking good and feeling great. Now, that’s total weight loss success!